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Violin teacher

In 1703 Vivaldi was hired as a teacher by the Pietà Hospital, in Riva degli Schiavoni, one of the shelters for orphaned or unrecognized girls (there were many noble families in the city, with a large number of female servants ...). Many of the girls at the hospital were musically gifted and the Pietà provided them with excellent musical education, from singing to playing all sorts of instruments.

The concerts of the Pietà orchestra were one of the major attractions of Venice. The young Vivaldi, who was 25 when he began his work at the Institute, proves to be an excellent teacher for girls, responsible not only for the technique of the violin, but also for the purchase of instruments and scores. With some ups and downs and some interruptions also due to his travels, Antonio remained in the service of the Pietà all his life.

Obliged by the hospital to provide new music every month, many of his concerts are written for the orchestra of the young people of the Pietà, which, among other things, he personally prepared and conducted.