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The last decade

After Rome Vivaldi visited Vienna, becoming very popular with the Austrian Emperor Charles VI, who assigned him a title and some tributes. In exchange Vivaldi gave Charles VI two concerts dedicated to him, a common practice for musicians of the time to obtain money.

It is probable that Antonio would return a second time to Vienna, still followed by his father Giovanni Battista, who later died in 1736. It was precisely during the 1830s that Vivaldi, even though he continued to travel and represent works, saw his fame begin to decay in Venice.

The worst years were between '36 and '38, when one of his operatic activities in Ferrara was suddenly prevented by Cardinal Ruffo, to whom (still) it did not go down that he did not say Mass and lived with Anna (called Girò): the worst consequence was the loss of a great deal of money already invested. Between 1740 and '41 Vivaldi left Venice for Vienna in an attempt to receive a job at court, which also failed due to the death of Charles VI.

He died on July 28, 1741 and was buried the same day in a mass grave. The cemetery no longer exists.